S c h o o l

Engineer Ms. Anfal is a natural artist, close to nature, even during her school days.  She discovered her passion for flowers after helping in arranging a relative’s Wedding party. Despite being an Engineer, her love for flowers and her experiences in Floral Bouquets has convinced her to pursue her passion and gain further knowledge and confidence in her floral arrangements. She attended a number of courses in various schools of floristry abroad such as in the UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands.  She was able to achieve many good relations with multiple Florists from various Florist Schools and backgrounds. She has decided to make such education in the area of Flowers accessible in Kuwait by transferring her knowledge and information.  Workshop"Florist’s Secrets & Methods" which was a major success and is still currently running and is one of the most sought after courses by many of our attendees.  Different courses are provided for Advance & Seasonal Bouquets.

We are now expanding to a fully fledged Flower School.  Students are welcomed to come and learn the best of flower arrangements and designing from our experienced Florist. They will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Florist and perhaps consider taking up a similar hobby or even doing flower arrangements as a profession. Our mission is to spread the best knowledge and awareness of Flowers throughout our community

" You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way "

Walter Hagen